My Lovely Blog, I Can’t Visit You as Often as Before,

00.12 am, Sunday, 13th march 2011,

My lovely blog.

You're place where I share my sadness, tell all my problems.

Place where I get happiness, get spirit, forget all my problems and sadness.

You make me feel alive and feel that I not a looser, I can do useful thing thought just a writing. I can share every useful information I get and I feel happy if I do that. I can practice my English writing skill here, I apply my knowledge about English that I got at school and English course, so I can improve my English here.

My lovely blog.

I have passed difficult situation in my past time. Now, my life is better. I feel happy my problem is not more complicated than before. I get freedom, do what I want to do. My problem just only come from myself, that is not so serious and they wont disturb my life if I want to fix it. At this time, My big problem is just my bad behavior "laziness",, Usually waste my time only for useless thing, poisoned of virtual happiness.

My Lovely Blog

Some months later I am gonna finish my study so this time I really busy , have to be busy to make my dream come true. I have to finish this year with satisfied mark, I wanna make my family happy coz of my achievement.

No satisfied result that get easily, need work hard and sacrifice. Tough it a bit late to start but I'm gonna try. Have to work hard, Fight to make my dream come true make my parent, my sisters, my brothers happy.

My lovely blog

Forgive me, I have to leave you for several time, I can't see you as often as before. I gotta focus with my study. I gotta focus…focus…focus with my study. I don't wanna disappointed at last time, Have to fight. Actually I can be separate for a long time but I must do it.

Goodbye...See you later..^^

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