Just Wanna Write

I want to write seriously. Although it's still hard for me to make a quality writing. My brother ask me to become a writer like him, writing short story, novel, essay, or scientific writing. I ever tried, but I couldn't be consistent. I tried to write, before finishing it I felt bored and couldn't continue. I used to feel like that coz I started when I wanted to join writing competition. In short time, having to finish a good writing is hard to do by amateur like me, will feel bored and give up.

Now, I want to change my thought about writing. I don't want to reach high target like becoming writer I just wanna enjoy writing, make it as my daily activity. I want to express my idea with words. I want to tell everything that I see, hear, and think. May be after I enjoy writing I can higher quality of my writing, at list by writing I can improve my English writing skill(if i write in english).

There are many advantages of writing, we can extend our thought, idea, opinion, etc. By writing we can also develop our imagination, become a creative person.

I hope I can enjoy writing, Make it as a part of my life,,

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