House Lizard in my Home

I'm wondered why House lizards in my home have strange habit. I seldom see they crawl on wall or ceiling, but they do on floor. They move from my living room to kitchen, or they play on the floor. That are so strange for me. Other their strange habit are eating what human eat and their activities is like what human do. I usually see them almost eat my food in kitchen. A house lizard ever went to a bowl of oil and tub that full of water. If I leave my food in living room, some minute later I'll see a house lizard approach it. There are many house lizard in my home and they have strange habit, That really disturb me.

Why do they do like that?

I only know an possibility that mosquitoes has been rare. As we know mosquitoes is their main food. But where mosquitoes go? I don't use insecticide or may be places for mosquitoes live have been few. Do them happen because number of mosquitoes decline? I don't know, may be yes. Or the house lizard want to be like human, I don't know too, may be also,

Whatever the reason, the house lizards are so annoying coz I'm phobia with them. I really hate them. But I don't how to decline the number from my home.

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