Holidays again….Holidays again


Tomorrow my first holiday, just short holidays, four days. But those are enough, holidays usually only make me bored if have no destination. Actually , Holiday is a moment that is really waited when I busy with campus activity .However, I have no idea for these holidays. I don't know what to do and where to go, hehehe.

Somebody…………………………….. take me to all beautiful places in this world.

I want to travel around this world. I am wondered why I only think about vacation, hehehe. I can't enjoy with daily activities, especially with activities in my campus. When I arrive in campus, I start hoping there is no lecture, can get home early. Or, at home, I wait message from my classmate that inform holiday, (So crazy thought).

Actually, there is no mistake with holiday. Holiday can refresh our mind. But, long holidays without activities aren't useful. I want to find real activities, enjoy holiday (when back to campus I get new spirit to fight finishing my study) or use this free time to do other useful thing.

Oh,, God….I don't want to give up with this unclear situation.

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