Huaaamm,,So Sleepy rek…..
My expectation that today I'll get free days "long weekend" has obliterated. This afternoon I have go to campus again to attend TM "Two Directions Dialogue" between lecturers and collegians (hohoho, I don't know how to say in English). The dialogue Will laid on Saturday so I have to go to campus on the day whereas it's a holiday. Actually tomorrow My class is free, lectures to face Mid semester tests has finished but we have to collect our tasks (Our lecturer has been angry coz we had not finished when she came to my class) so We have to collect before next Sunday (15th November). Haaah, I can't enjoy this weekend as I wished before.

Talking about Two Direction Dialogue I really wondered why my friends chose me to attend it. This dialogue is laid on to unite lecturers and campus' employee with collegians to discuss many thing s, giving critics and suggestion. Actually I am not talkative and quite shy. But I can't refuse it I have chosen so I have to face it. Try to be a responsible person.

Prepare to go to campus,,,

Huaaammm,, still sleepy….

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