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Natural Disaster "Merapi Eruption"

Photo : Merapi from Code River before erupted

Who don't Know Jogjakarta?

I'm sure all of Indonesian and so many foreigners are familiar with this city. Jogjakarta is a city that reside in java island, Indonesia. Jogjakarta's location is in the south of central java province, in the east of west java province, in the west of east java province. It is one of most famous holiday resorts in Indonesia. Jogjakarta is very famous because it has many uniqueness. Jogjakarta is well known as Kota Pendidikan (Education City), Kota Perjuangan (Struggle City), Kota Budaya (Culture City), etc. If you have been to Jogjakarta you would agree that Jogjakarta deserve the epithets.

But at this time I wont tell about Jogja's beauties I want to tell a bit information after mount Merapi erupted 26th October 2010. Mount Merapi means Volcano . Merapi is located in north Jogja, between DI. Jogjakarta province and Central Java province. Merapi is the most active volcano in the world. It usually explode. Long time ago, it ever erupted that caused one kingdom named Mataram shattered. I don't really know the full story but That really happened.

I knew Merapi first time when it erupted 4 years ago, 2006 When I still lived in my home town. My brother studied in this city at the time. However It was not as serious as this time. There were only two victims cause of Merapi. Unfortunately almost same time, another natural disaster "earthquake" happened that caused many people died.

Photo : Merapi erupted

Merapi erupted in 26th October 2010, about two weeks ago. My home (not my own just rent,hehehe) is quite far from Merapi so until this time my brother, my sister and I are still save until this time. Just ashes and sand rain that reached my house. Hope disaster finish as soon as possible.

Monitoring Merapi disaster news. Since Merapi erupted, all talking topic just about it at TV news, Newspaper, Radio, or chit chatting.

Photo : Heat Cloud of Merapi

Merapi oh Merapi,,

Until this day it has caused 148 people died(VivaNews.com,07 Nov 2010), I will be increase coz many people are still disappear. Over 126 injured victim (detiknews.com, 7 November 2010). Merapi erruption destroyed many districts around it. Volcanic material such volcanic ash, sand, gravel rained places around this mountain in DI. Jogjakarta province, central java province even reached West java. Kind of volcanic material rain depend on distance. Places where near from Merapi are rained by ash, sand, or gravel while far places are only rained by ash. The volcanic materials damaged houses, covered street that disturbing visibility and can endanger our trip. The ash can damage respiration system.

Photo : Cross Road's situation when ash rain happened

However the most horrible thing from Merapi is heat cloud, Jogjakarta people call it "Wedhus Gembel". It temperature is about 6000C so it can burn everything that it pass by like houses, trees, livestock, and human. That very miserable the victims died because they are burned by Wedus Gembel. Gog accept and give the victims beautiful places at your side,amiin..

Photo : Car covered by ash

Merapi still explode. Volcano experts still can't predict when Merapi are back to normal condition again.

God,,I hope this disaster will stop quickly,amiin..