Annoying morning

2nd November 2010 morning, I'm Sitting near bedroom's window with my notebook in front of me. My favorite English music rhythm melodiously. Alone in this home coz my sister has been going to some place to do her campus's activities, she will finish them during one-half months. So that I'll stay here lonely about one-half months too. Actually she is back home every week, but just at weekend so I still feel that I'm lonely. Yeach, however that will not be a big problem. I'm 21 years old at this time, have been mature right??(hehe,, actually I'm not sure).

I got up early quite early this morning. If I forgot pray isya' I usually get up early (big sin that I usually make,, God forgive me). Taking a deep breath, jogja's fresh air.

There was a problem that made me fed up this morning. My sister's friend commit her motorcycle yesterday. She didn't tell me that her family would take it today. While I was writing, an old man and a young boy were coming. They told that they are her father and brother. They wanted to take the motorcycle. I call my sister many times but she didin't answer. I tried and tried again I still couldn't speak with her. At the last,, I gave the motorcycle to them. I don't know whether it was wrong or right.

Actually I want to write much today. But the problem make my spirit lost. Next time yeach I'll write again. I want to sleep again to lose this annoyance. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

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