From the deepest heart

Time seems slips away so fast

Day and night come and go unwittingly

We are getting old

This earth getting old

Don't know how long we can live on this world

Don't know how long this world can be place to live for us

Happiness is measured by great success and wealth

Therefore we Always busy with many meaningless things

Chased by selfish purposes

Doing all ways to get all things that we want

Never thought they are correct or wrong

Far from our God, forget correct rules, Enjoy with world's pleasure without balance with effort to get pleasure in beyond

Tired, Bored , Useless

I just wanna find right way to get happiness here and hereafter

I wanna make simple life

I just wanna be useful for everyone around me

However Those are hard to do

I'm still selfish and never feel satisfied

Life is so short

My time will be end immediately though don't know when

And I haven't made an useful thing

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