English for Fun (Part 1)

Becoming Blogger

Horeee,,I have customized my blog. Not perfect but I think it is a bit better then first time I made it. I want to write at blog coz I think people who have blog are creative, imaginative, clever, deligent, etc. I want to be like that. Blogger can express their feeling, desire or share many things by words. Writing looks as simple activity but in fact that is not easy. And I also want to improve my writing ability with english or japanese. I ever joined english and japanese course so I want to practise it. I have studied english for a along time but I am a new comer in japanese. I just passed my second grade in my japanese course so I only Know japanese little.
I ever saw my friend's blog, It look so cool. I'm curious how he can made it like that. Many days, I tried to find they ways by browsing in internet and thought how to practise them. Finally I could do that although It isn't as beautiful as my friends But I 'm satisfied. From this time I will more focus to write at this blog. Making my blog looks much better is the second number, Writing is the most important.
Getting new hobby,writing at blog. It will spent some minutes or some hours to exsist at this blog whereas I'm so busy preaparing for examinations, laboratory reseach. If I can finish all tasks I will graduate my diploma next year. I hope I can. I expect this blog wont disturb my activities to finish my diploma, The most important target at this time.

New words

Curious : Ingin tahu
Whereas : Sedangkan
Desire : keinginan
Satisfied : Puas


1. Present perfect tense

(+) : S + Have + V3 + O/Ket
Sentence : I have customized my blog

2. Modal

(+ ) : S + Modal + V1
Sentence : Blogger can express their feeling

3. Present Tense

(+) : S + To Be + Adj/O + Ket
Sentence :I am a new comer in japanese

4. Past Tense

(+) : S + V2 + O + Ket
Sentence : I ever saw my friend's blog

5. Future Tense

(+ ) : S + Will + V1
Sentence : I will graduate my diploma next year

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