Drizzle at Midnight

Sitting at living room, hope that many ideas come into my brain but still have been confused. I have to collect some cases to be researched as graduating requisite from my study, as soon as possible. This morning I saw a lecturer to discuss some cases that I have got but she didn't give good response. She said my campus' laboratory couldn't do the research, my case was same with my senior's research or other researchers. Perhaps coz I didn't give strong argument so she didn't give me expectation. Feeling so confused coz I haven't got a new idea yet.

About 0.00 am rain went down, not heavy just drizzle. However it can make my heart get more erratic. God….I don't know what I should do.

Yah,, I shouldn't be down coz of the simple shock therapy like that. In this life we don't always get all of our expectation easily. Most of people on this earth ever feel difficulty may be more heavy then you feel. Some of my friends' idea were also refused. So your problem wasn't very big. It was only first experience in real life where everything aren't easy to get, everything need hard effort and sacrifice. Therefore I have to move on, try to find again and again until I get it. I will not be down I have to struggle for my future.

I have to finish my study, First target finish my diploma. I'm really miss my family. I haven't come back to my home town since I was here. After finishing this step I'll be home.

1.15 am, still rain..It's time to go bed coz I feel sleepy and tired…Hope tomorrow I get what I want

Allah help me….amiin

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