Health analyst

When I was child a had a dream that I wanted to be a doctor..However I can't make it become true,Coz lack of effort dan not my fate may be.Yeachh,but that didn't make me down,Life must go on,mustn't it?. After I tried twice and I still wasn't accepted in medical faculty in favorite university, I choosed to study in health polytechnique, I was interested in a major that named 'Healt analyst'.

At the time I didn't know what would be studied at the major. I just tought I was a interesting major from its name. It still connected with Health world so I liked it. I applied and did test. I was accepted. I was happy Coz God still gave me chance to be success though it wasn't my really dream.

The building of health analyst major is separated from central campus and other polytechnique's majors.

The building was old , just some classes wasn't. Because of the building most of my friends said that They choosed the major because of perfoce, It's the last choise. At the first Many students of health will say same like that but after the finish their study the will thank with the opportunity studying at the place. Why I can say like that whereas I haven't finished my study, Because I see my seniors never waited a job for a long time after they graduated. It was easy for them to get job. Even they didn't looked for the job, but the job looked for them. After finishing my study, I hope I will get job easily too, amiin. School, college or university which produce Health analyst is still rare while file of its work still wide, health analyst is still really needed.

Who is health analyst??

I'm sure most of you will ask the question Coz I'm too if I don't study about it.

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